Interactive Timeline of Katherine Dunham’s Travel, 1950-53

Antonio Jimenez Mavillard created this timeline to visualize a dataset manually curated by Harmony Bench and Kate Elswit for Dunham’s Data: Katherine Dunham and Digital Methods for Dance Historical Inquiry (AHRC grant AH/R012989/1). Dunham’s Data explores the kinds of questions and problems that make the analysis and visualization of data meaningful for dance history, through the exemplary case study of African American artist, teacher, and activist Katherine Dunham. With this work-in-progress, we make it possible to interactively engage with four years of her transnational touring. In the larger project, we argue that such an everyday analytic can help us to understand Dunham’s global method, and the ways in which her choreography relates to place and space. We are currently working in the archives to extend the itinerary to cover the three decades of Dunham’s most extensive international travel. For more on the construction of this dataset, see “Katherine Dunham’s Global Method and the Embodied Politics of Dance’s Everyday” in Theatre Survey.